about us

Ceramic Buddies is a pioneering enterprise dedicated to revolutionizing the car detailing industry.

Established with a passion for enhancing and preserving the beauty of automobiles, our company specializes in providing top-tier ceramic coating solutions tailored to protect and elevate your vehicle’s appearance.

As a new entrant in the market, Ceramic Buddies embodies innovation and commitment to excellence.

Our team comprises seasoned experts and enthusiasts deeply entrenched in the art and science of car detailing.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and premium-grade ceramic products to deliver unmatched results, ensuring that every vehicle receives unparalleled care and protection.

Choose Ceramic Buddies for an unrivaled car detailing experience, where passion meets precision to preserve the brilliance of your vehicle for years to come.


In the realm of automotive care, Ceramic Buddies began as a vision crafted by passionate car enthusiasts. Fueled by a love for automobiles and a desire to redefine car detailing, our journey sprang from a simple idea: to offer a service that mirrored our dedication to preserving and enhancing the beauty of every vehicle. Specializing in the art of car detailing, we embarked on a mission to set new benchmarks in the industry by harnessing cutting-edge techniques and premium-quality ceramic coatings. From meticulous Express Detailing to the unparalleled shield of Ceramic Pro, our services at Ceramic Buddies cover every aspect of automotive care. We go beyond cars, offering Disinfecting Services to ensure a clean and safe environment. With Paint Protection Film, we safeguard your vehicle's paint for years to come. Whether it's RVs, Aircraft, or Boats, our detailing expertise extends to all vehicles, promising a level of care that exceeds expectations.


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